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Waypoint averaging. What does it actually do? eTrex29

I set a waypoint and averaged it. It seemed to hint that accuracy was down to 3ft which seems pretty good for my base waypoint. However, when I did a test route the whole track seemed shifted about 30yds to the west with respect to the map and route as marked. This was confirmed by uploading my track back onto the original map route plot. All previous tracks and plots have matched the map perfectly (except where I wandered from the plotted route).
Has waypoint averaging reset the calibration of my eTrex20 for everything?
Can I get back to where I was with routes and plots fitting the map and ground?


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    First, those "accuracy" numbers are not absolute, just a ballpark number that can be used to compare. Do not expect 3 foot accuracy from any consumer device, +/- 5 meters is typical (16 feet). See this thread:

    Waypoint averaging enables a feature where your position is recorded continuously every second until you stop it. All those readings are then averaged and theoretically it will be more accurate than a single reading. But there are many factors that could affect the results.

    Anyway, waypoint averaging will only affect waypoints you record in this manner. It has nothing to do with tracks or calibration. Most likely the gps satellites were not in a good configuration on the day you recorded that track, or other factors might have affected it, like heavy tree cover. So there are no settings that will change this, it's just "luck of the draw".
  • Thanks. I accept that the accuracy may not have been what it said it was. The unit suggested I was within 3ft of where I set the point. I have found when walking that waypoint alerts beep within about 10paces of where I know I set them on the ground. That seems good enough to me! You have set my mind at rest about the unit re calibrating itself because I have created quite a few tracks located a long way from home that I hope will prove accurate when traversed.
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