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Need advice

I am looking at purchasing a new (refurbished) GPS. I recently had 2 Magellan GPS units, both of which have kicked the dust much earlier than expected. One was a Magellan 2036 and it just stopped turning on. I am looking at 3 options. I am trying to go cheap, because I don't use my GPS too often. I typically use my phone, but I am going to Canada for a few weeks this summer and want to make sure to have one in place by then. The three options I am looking at are a refurbished Magellan 5230T LM for $44. I am also looking at a Garmin Nuvi 750 or a Garmin Nuvi 780 (both are $29 through an independent company). I have never owned a Garmin, but I have had problems with both of my magellan units. Which would people recommend? I have typically heard much better things about Garmin than Magellan. Are there things that you like/disliked? I could gt the free map updates with the magellan, but I know those updates have caused problems for other people when they attempted to get map updates.


  • alanb 556 Points
    edited April 2015
    I don't know anything about Magellans. The nuvi 7x0 series were excellent units in their day, but they are quite old (2007), and they do lack the modern features like lane guidance. I would be concerned about the age of the map and the condition of the battery on a unit that old. Replacement batteries are quite inexpensive and easy to install, but that would add to the cost of the unit. If it was me, I would rather spend a few more dollars and get something newer.
  • t923347 532 Points
    I have no idea about the Magellen (never owned or used one) but I do know that the both the 750 and 780 were good units before they were discontinued years ago. They probably don't have enough internal memory to hold the current maps of North America so you'd need to invest in an SD card which will add dollars to your "go cheap" plan. Just so you know the 780 is really a 760. The 2 unit where the same except that the 780 orginally came with an MSN traffic receiver. The MSN service was discontinued a number of years ago as well. The only difference between the 750 and 760 is that the 760 has bluetooth support.

    IMHO, instead of spending a little bit of money over and over again why not spend a little more on a newer unit that will last you longer than ones that "kicked the dust earlier than expected". For example, for $160 you can buy a new Nuvi 58LM which will give you both US and Canada maps for the life of the unit. If I can assume you paid say $35 each for the 2 dead Magellen's and now another $44 or $29 for a 3rd unit that may not last long either you've already layed out/or will lay out over $100 and have no guarantee that next week you won't be looking for another unit. To me, spending a little more for something with, if nothing else, gives you a full one year warranty is money better spent.
  • RyanLS 0 Points
    I thought about buying new, but I just don't use it much anymore. When I bought my previous two, I bought them brand new so I spent the full retail. I used them a lot for my previous job. One started to go bad after 1 year (I had a 1 year warranty) and the other went bad after 2 years (I had a 2 year warranty). I am thinking of going with a cheap crutch this time, since I will only need it on rare occasions.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I have to agree that the Nuvi 7x0 is just too old to consider today, unless you literally get one for free. Even then, the nuisance factor is worth considering when it dies.

    If you like Garmin, look for factory refurbished devices from reputable authorized vendors. GPSCity has several inexpensive 5" Nuvis on their site now, A Nuvi 2597LMT for $130 or a Nuvi 2557LMT for $100. These are current generation models with full 12 month warranty, lifetime maps and traffic receivers.
  • alanb 556 Points
    edited April 2015
    You can get the manufacturer refurbished 2597LMT with full NA map and lifetime map updates at Walmart online for $97.88
  • t923347 532 Points
    RyanLS said:

    One started to go bad after 1 year (I had a 1 year warranty) and the other went bad after 2 years (I had a 2 year warranty).

    I guess that's why I've never even considered a Magellen. Although I fully agree with both Boyd and Alan, and particularly if you can get a 2597 with lifetime maps and traffic for under $100, I don't think most of us have had your kind of history with our Garmin GPS units. My 350 is now 10 years old and my 760 is almost that old and although they are rarely used anymore, they both work perfectly well. That being said I would never spend money on buying one today.
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