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Where to get/buy an additional FM antenna foe 6000T

Marty 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
Where can I get an additional fm antenna for the 6000T?


  • Tim 1482 Points
    If you are talking about a traffic receiver, it is built-in to the 6000T. If you are not talking about a traffic receiver then I'm not sure what product you are referring to.
  • I believe Marty is talking about the external FM Antenna that attaches to the side of the Cradle when mounting the 6000T. This would make transfering the 6000 from car to car without having to continously rerunning the FM Antenna from vehicle to vehicle. I am not sure where you can get an additional antenna for the 6000 unless maybe from Magellan directly. I did a quick google and came up empty at the moment.

  • Marty 0 Points
    I am sorry, I wasn't clear. I aml ooking for the FM Antenna to use from car to car. I have been looking at the FM antenna with a connector for a Sirius radio, but don't now it it would work.

    Magellan doesn't offer one on their website. I called their Customer Service and I needed a translator, after explaning what I wanted, I was no further ahead. :x
    Any ideas?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    I understand now. I haven't heard of anything like that for sale. Bill is correct, it would most likely need to come from Magellan directly.
  • Marty 0 Points
    Thanks! I'll try them again. :roll:
  • All I can say is "Good Luck!". I am a little upset at not only their customer service but the lack of details on their site in general. For you its the FM Antenna, for me its the supposedly itro of a new cradle that adds an external micrphone jack. However, noing is on their site and it is shown on a few sites that sell GPS Units but without any details. Magellan really needs to step back and take a look at making some drastic improvements. I may in the future be looking at selling mine on EBay and moving to a Garmin or Tom-Tom....

    Bill...... :evil:
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