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Replacement for Nüvi 3790T

My Nüvi 3790T has died a slow death. I want to replace it with an equivalent gps. I travel in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Can anybody recommend a similar garmin since this one has been discontinued.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    How about the Nuvi 3590LMT? Garmin factory refurbs (same warranty as new) available for $190 at GPSCity, probably elsewhere too. I see they also carry the Nuvi 3580 for $130. Wasn't familiar with that model number, but evidently the GPS itself is the same as the 3590 but it includes the old style FM RDS/TMC traffic receiver where the 3990 includes the newer style HD traffic receiver. Personally, I would go for the 3580 - that's a great price. :)

    I had a 3790 for 3 years and gave it to a family member who still uses it. Replaced it with a 3550 (the "poor cousin" of the 3590 ;) ). Nice upgrade from the 3790 all around. Bigger screen, noticeable faster CPU. And the multi-touch features work very well on the 35xx series - they were terrible on my 3790.

    This model is also compatible with custom dashboards, if you enjoy customizing your device. :)
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