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Garmin Nuvi 275T will not let me type an address since I updated. Anyone else have this problem?

I hit "Address" and a screen pops up that says "No Data Available" and I can hit and "OK" button. This brings me back to the main menu and I can start all over. My Favorites are all here. My Saved Places are all here. They have the keyboard and numbers that I would normally use for typing in an address but I can't access them. If I say that I want to be "near" a different city, I can type in the city but then I have to click on "Address" and go right back to "No Data Available" and it is Catch22.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    Check under Tools, Settings, Map, Map info ... or similar, I don't have your model nuvi.

    Is there a map listed? Is it checked?
  • Sally 0 Points
    There used to be two maps listed, Europe and the USA. I can't find them now to check one. The last update seems to have ruined the Garmin. It works fine (when it can find a satellite) and I can use addresses I've already put in (Favorites) but I simply can't type in an address.
  • sussamb 829 Points
    Then the maps are missing. Try downloading them again.
  • Sally 0 Points
    Thanks. I reinstalled the maps and it's working fine. Appreciate your help.
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