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Most accurate gps for waypoints

buddacheski 0 Points
edited May 2015 in GPS Recommendations
I am trying to find the most accurate gps mainly for ice fishing. Marking waypoints and being able to come back weeks later to exact spot is what I'm looking for. Also when someone else gives me coordinates being able to enter them in and go to them with ease would be nice. Anyone have any advice or suggestions. Main lake for fishing would be lake winnipeg in Manitoba.
Thank you in advance


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited May 2015
    Most consumer grade GPS these days have similar accuracy, around the 3 to 5 meter mark. All Garmins allow input of coordinates and I suspect (though I have no knowledge of every make of GPS) that all makes do.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    You *might* get a little better results with a device that supports GLOSNASS. This gives the receiver access to additional satellites. I'm not sure if it will be more accurate under ideal conditions, but the extra satellites may help under heavy tree cover (probably not an issue out on the ice however ;) ). It also helps acquire a signal more quickly when you first turn on the device.

    Garmin pretty much owns the handheld GPS market. The etrex 20 and 30, GPSMap 64, Oregon 600 and Monterra series have GLONASS receiver. Garmin also makes the GLO, a small bluetooth GPS with no screen. It can be used to wirelessly send more accurate position data to a smartphone or tablet where you could run GPS software, such as Galileo on iOS or Oruxmaps on Android.

    But as sussamb points out, don't expect too much from any consumer device. 5 meters is pretty typical (16 feet). If you are using coordinates provided to you by someone else, then you have to consider how accurate they are in the first place. Even under good conditions, they could also be off by 5 meters, so your GPS might only bring you within 32 feet of those locations.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    For your stated needs, the eTrex 20 might fit the bill quite nicely.
  • Thank you for all the good advice. I ended up purchasing a used HDS 8 from a buddy so I can use it in summer in boat and should work on ice. Just mounted it to windshield with suction cup. Now all I need for this winter is the Manitoba map from lowrance and I should be set for lake Winnipeg.
    Thanks again
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