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Need GPS that has bright screen and allows custom routing.

Hi GPS Review Forums,

I own a Garmin nuvi 1350 for couple years now. While it does get the job done I become increasingly frustrated with this unit because:

* Screen is not bright enough on daytime, even with 100% brightness.
* No means to import custom routing.
* Slow, not responsive. Takes a while to display maps and to recalculate routes.

I need a new GPS that addresses issues I mentioned with lifetime US map update. I'm fine with buying an used GPS, though I don't know if lifetime map update carries over to used unit.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I recently did some comparisons, and 7" and 8" Android tablets in the $100 to $200 range have brighter screens than either of my current Garmin units (which are high end models) - the Nuvi 3550 and Dezl 760. I ended up getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and it is significantly brighter than either of those models. There are many apps to choose from.

    If you want to stick with Garmin, what is your budget? GPSCity has a factory refurb Nuvi 3580 (same warranty as new) with lifetime maps and traffic at $130. Very nice glass multi touch screen, I think the brightness is fine, but if brightness is your top priority I would consider a small tablet or large phone along with an app.
  • trumpet205 0 Points
    I want to stick with dedicated GPS unit. My absolute budget is less than $200. I'm looking at 2457, 2557, and 3580 refurbished right now.

    By the way, if I sell my 1350 on ebay will lifetime map update on this unit carry over to second user?
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Regarding maps, see this. We have discussed it before though, and the real answer may not be so simple…{faefc030-14c6-11de-76c5-000000000000}

    "Because map updates (including the nuMaps Lifetime subscription) no longer require registration, they may still be accessed if the device is sold or given away.

    Lifetime updates can be accessed outside of myGarmin by connecting the device to a computer and downloading and installing Garmin Express."


    I think the 3580 is nicer hardware, however it still uses the older style trip planner. The new trip planner might be worthwhile if you use custom routes extensively.
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