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Which type of gps device

I need to drive into the remote parts of our state and determine the gps coordinates of the location I am at (generally will be a cemetery). I am confused as to which type of device I need, auto, iphone, android, or hand held.

Can somebody advise me on this?

Thank you very much


  • Tim 1482 Points
    Where the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) meets Global Positioning System (GPS).... The GPS of GPS! You must be a genealogist like me. :)

    Any of the devices mentioned above (auto, smartphone, handheld) will do the job. An auto device and smartphone apps give the advantage of being able to give you driving directions to (or towards if an exact location is unknown) the location. A smartphone is very convenient and the cheapest option if you already have one, but the downside is that your location won't be able to be found as precisely or reliably if the place you are getting coordinates for isn't in cellular range. A handheld device generally won't provide driving directions without purchasing additional maps, however they are rugged.

    Generally, if you already have a smartphone you might want to try going that route first and see if it meets your needs, then possibly upgrade to either a handheld or auto depending on any other requirements or potential uses. For example the "compass" app that comes preinstalled on iPhones will give you coordinates.

    If you're looking to get coordinates for exact markers within a cemetery versus just the location of the cemetery then you will likely want a handheld-- especially if some of the cemeteries are not in a location where there isn't a cell signal.
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