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How to cahnge the coordinate system that the device use

I have a Garmin Montana 650 Device, I use it in Palestine, and I want it to display and use my location coordinates using the coordinate system used in Palestine (Palestine 1923 Grid). I was not able to configure the coordinate system in the "position format" menu. How can I resolve this problem?

Any help is appreciated!



  • sussamb 798 Points
    If its not listed you can't.
  • It is not listed, but I've figured out that there are some some fields (position format, datum, and spheroid) that can be customized by the user, but actually I was not able to fill them in a way that can make it give the "Palestine_1923_Grid"
  • zee 97 Points
    On my 60Cx Garmin has the Lat locked in to the Equator in the User Grid.
    I have to put in a - instead of a + in front of the False Northing
    numbers for State Plane in the US.
    Try a -3000000.0m in the False Northing to see if you can it to show any
    numbers in the slots. If not, then a -2 or -4 might work.
    The -3 worked for the location of: N 32 23.632 E 035 13.338 for me.
    Your unit has a different Format for the User Grid, but give the - a try.
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