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Small GPS with API

Hey everyone. My company tasked me to find a small GPS device with an API so that we can create a custom app for it. I'm not that familiar with GPS devices, and I'm not having much luck with google (all info I see is like 7 years old) so I figured I'de ask the experts here for any suggestions.

Rundown: My company is getting a 'mascot' that they want customers to be able to track around town by using a custom app that we develop. The GPS device needs to be small enough to fit on something like a dog collar without looking too out of place, and it needs to be operational without needing to be plugged in (plug in charging at night is fine). It needs to have an API so our software team can write a customized app for it. It needs to be able to upload the locations to the cloud/internet/wherever (through cell service or some other protocol), so the small ones that seem to only use bluetooth (like this, ) won't work for our needs.

Can you guys recommend a GPS device with those functionalities? Like I said I'm pretty new to GPS tech so if you need me to clarify anything please let me know. Thanks in advance.


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Let's see if anyone has an idea for you. But most likely, you are on the wrong site. Our users are primarily focussed on consumer products such as Garmin's Nuvi series and their handheld recreational products like the Oregon and eTrex.
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