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eTrex suddenly "erases" tracks or parts of tracks

Tracks are on, show on map, usually are displayed fine. The settings and performance are the same as our Oregon 400. However, on the eTrex, while you're out in the woods, part or all of your track will just disappear. You could be 2 miles into the woods with nothing showing behind you, when previously you had your whole route from home to the woods displayed . Zooming in and out does not help. This is a problem since we like to use those tracks to backtrack and make trail maps for the next trip. Nothing seems to cause or prevent this behavior(possibly navigating to a new waypoint or geocache, but we do that so often it's hard to attribute that to the cause). We don't always notice right away that they have disappeared. The tracks are never "full" and I've reset them anyway. I would say 25% of the time we have a problem with the entire track suddenly being incomplete or gone entirely. What can we do?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    Are you talking about the track log that your Etrex creates as you move and displays on the map? If so I've never seen the behaviour you describe.

    I suggest you do a master reset to see if that resolves it.
  • This is a brand new unit. I have it set up pretty extensively with maps and many settings changed... I would love to avoid a reset and many hours of wasted work.

    I am talking about the track displayed on the map, showing where we have been. I haven't seen it before either, on the 3 Garmins I have had, which is why I'm posting here.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Well you can save your profile files which helps after a reset. Out of interest do you ever hook up your Etrex to Basecamp? If so do the tracks show there?
  • I have had similar problems in heavily wooded areas when the Etrex can not get a satellite fix for a short (or long) period due to a thick canopy especially if damp as in a rainforest.
  • Interesting. I don't know that it's always when signal is fairly poor but I do see the tracks initially and then they are gone later. I would think that they wouldn't show up at all if signal was so bad, but who knows?

    I haven't tried this in basecamp but it would be tough to find which tracks I'd had difficulty with. I could note it next time it happens. I cache in many places and sometimes it's a quick stop rather than a big area full of tracks.
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