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Storage Management on a GPSMAP 64s

Folks.....I've been using my 64S for 6 months now and have lots of tracks stored on it. I want to start a logical process for cleaning off my unit, but not wanting to lose any of my tracks. I also have several map sets on the unit, some from Garmin and some OpenSource maps.

Is there a good document that covers this subject?

OK, so now the questions:

1. Can the map files (Garmin or other) be moved to the SD card and will they still be viewable on my GPSMAP 64S or do they have to be in "internal storage"? Are there any issues around moving maps back and forth from the SC card or my PC hard drive? And, what is the impact on Basecamp when I connect next time?

2. Can I move inactive tracks to the SD card and will they still be viewable on my unit?

3. What is the difference between moving items to the SD card and "archiving" items?

4. How do I tell how much more space in available for new Garmin map files, for example Alaska and/or Germany?

Thanks for your time.....RDK


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I don't have a 64, but if it is like the other units I have, you should be able to move things to an SD card. Simply duplicate the folder heirarchy on the card and store the files in the same place.

    There might be issues if you have a LOT of tracks. There is another thread somewhere but I can't find it. A user had over 200 tracks on his device and some of them would not show. I think there may be some limits as to the number of files that the GPS can handle, but can't find any specific reference on this topic.

    Before changing anything, I suggest that you do a full backup of your GPS however. Just copy all the files to a folder on your computer. Then you can restore things to their original condition if you run into a problem.

    My Montana has the "archive" feature but I have never used it.

    You can check free space on the device or a card in the same manner as you would check free space on any disk attached to your computer. However there are other limits that affect how many maps you can load on the GPS. Most Garmin devices can only access about 4000 map segments.

    Maps consist of many smaller "tiles", but there are no standards for their size, it's up to the mapmaker. It may be difficult to tell the total number segments you have installed on your GPS unfortunately. If you use Mapinstall to send maps to the GPS, it will tell you the total number of segments. But I don't think you can determine this on the GPS itself. If you exceed the segment limit, some maps will not be accessible and other strange things may happen. It is not possible to be more specific about this, because it depends on the maps you're using. However, the segment limit is a serious limitation of Garmin's system. If you use a 16gb SD card, for example, it is likely that you will exceed the segment limit long before you exceed the amount of storage space on the card.
  • RDK_64S 0 Points
    OK, thanks. I travelling so I can't try anything right now. I'm also getting ready to buy a couple more maps and I really don't want to run into storage issues.

    I tried to find a "Garmin 64S for Dummies" type book, without success. The Garmin manual is of NO use.

    Thanks again....RDK
  • RDK_64S 0 Points
    OK, back from my trip and now I really need to clean off my GPS. I have connected to Basecamp and now have all of my tracks on Basecamp. However, when from Basecamp, I try to delete a track from my 64S internal storage it says something which leads me to believe that that track will be deleted from everywhere in Basecamp.

    What I want to do it have all my tracks in Basecamp, but then clean them off of my GPSMAP 64S.

    What is the base way for me to proceed. Thanks.....RDK
  • sussamb 947 Points
    Assuming you're getting that message when you delete data off your 64 don't worry about the message, data that is in Basecamp won't be deleted.
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