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Which new |T|omtom after my GO730

I have a GO 730 and the connection in the car has become faulty. Assuming that a repair will cost as much as a new tomtom I ask which is the best for the money at the moment...... say around €120.
I also bought a lead that tunes into traffic reports . This is important to me.
Thank for any help you may give me.

Warm and kind regards


  • dhn 336 Points
    There are no recent models with all the features of the 730 and none with a price as low as you hoped for. Here is a link to the devices and the features/costs. And the new ones use MyDriveConnect, not Home. The user has no access to the file system on the new devices. They appear as network adapters.

    However, many do come with lifetime maps and some have lifetime traffic.

    But what specific connection issues are you experiencing? Can it be just the cable?
  • ianbarlow 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply.
    The tomtom occasionally falls off the wondow due to hot/ cold weather making the suction not so good. The result being that the female socket in the tomtom is loose. At the moment a hairclip is pushing the socket into the correct position.
  • ianbarlow 0 Points
    Thanks for reply. So if I pushed up the money what is the best model that includes traffic and spped camera's?
  • dhn 336 Points
    Probably the 510 or 610 (if you like 6" screens)
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