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Basecamp won't export trip to BMW Navigator V

Hi all, am very new to this GPS route planning malarkey and have spent most of the weekend figuring out how to use Basecamp. I now have our big summer trip around Europe all set out in Basecamp, which has been great for planning how long each day's riding should be. I thought as a test of getting the trip over to the Navigator unit itself, I'd try planning my daily commute in as a separate new trip and exporting that (and then driving it to see how you find it on the device, and how it copes when you deviate from the route etc). However, when I try to send it to the device, it comes back with "an error occurred while sending the following file(s): gps/temp.gpx" Can anyone shed any light on what I need to do to fix this problem? My test trip is a 60 mile round trip from home to work with only one way-point on the outbound leg.


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    PS... thanks for any and all light you can shed on this problem for me!! Best wishes, George.
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    Not familiar with the BMW device. Did you remove it from the car and connect it to your computer? Did you use a laptop with a cable in the car to connect? Are you sure that it is actually compatible with Basecamp routes? Can you provide a link to the documentation for the BMW GPS?

    FWIW, I'll bet the error actually said gpx/temp.gpx (with an "x" and not an "s"). When Basecamp sends a route to a Nuvi or other recent Garmin device, it simply deposits a file named temp.gpx in the GPX directory on the device.

    You might be able to take an SD card or USB flash drive, insert it in your computer and send the route to it (basecamp should treat the card just like an actual GPS). The BMW device might be able to read the route from the card.
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    Hey, thanks for such a quick response. I seem to have got it working (at least it is definitely on the device now) I used file export and Basecamp successfully exported the gpx file to my desktop and then pasted it into the gpx folder. It seems to me that the send trip to device function is glitchy.
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    I guess I could post the manual for the device here but this wasn't the device's issue, more the connection between it and Basecamp's file transfer function. It's made by Garmin for BMW. Luckily the simple file export is a workaround of sorts. The device was plugged directly into my laptop via USB cable. Thanks again.
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