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Best GPS for rural driving and portability?

medens 0 Points
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What is the best GPS for rural driving such as around lakes and portability between vehicles? Thanks.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    "Best" is highly subjective. Can you elaborate on what you are looking for? In other words you mentioned lakes so possibly you are looking for something with depth chart information, boat launch areas, etc but don't care as much about auto routing. But you could also be looking for something primarily for auto routing but will also just display lakes. How will you primarily be using the device and what kind of data are you looking for it to give you?
  • Tim,

    Thanks so much for the response.
    I will primarily be using the GPS for driving in-town, highway use, and boat launches at various lakes. I definitely need auto routing and finding obscure roads around lakes. Also, I would like to be able to take it out of my truck and put it in my wifes car.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    The two smallest devices that might work well are the Garmin Nuvi 350 and the TomTom ONE. I don't believe either of them would have boat launches as POIs preinstalled on them, but they would meet your other desires well. (Auto routing, portability, and they do show most lakes.)

    Another option would be to get a handheld GPS and then purchase additional maps with lake data on them, but those devices are not as good for auto routing and it doesn't sound like you need the level of lake detail in those map packages.
  • Great, I'll check those two out. Thanks for the help.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    No problem, feel free to ask more questions as you have them!
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