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Look for a "black box" GPS logger for multi-day travel

I'm looking for a small GPS logger to take with me on multi-day trips where I may or may not have an opportunity to charge it. Here are some features I'd like to have:

- Ability to store lots of points -- say enough for 60 days. Too many? 30 days? Memory card?
- Storing a point at least once every 10 seconds (configurable?)
- Export data into a generic format like GPX, CSV, or compatible with gpsbabel
- Export data using a Windows, Linux or Mac
- No need to store voice memos, or Bluetooth or to specially tag any location
- Long battery life -- at least a day or two before recharging?
- (Extra) "Car Mode" where if you keep it plugged in, and it detects that the car is turned on, it auto-starts logging, and when the car is turned off, the auto-stops.

I've had the Columbus V-900 before which was nice but it used FAT-16 formatted SD cards which meant that it could only store a limited number of files on the SD card before it would stop logging. It depended more on how many GPS sessions you logged than the number of waypoints. So I'm looking for something else.

Thanks for any help.
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