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Proper power cord / traffic receiver cord for Nuvi 2598LMTHD?

Just bought a refurb Nuvi 2598LMTHD

I'm confused as to which power cord it should have come with??? It seems it should have included a GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver power cord ( with the 'lump' in the power cord ) but I received just a straight cord. I don't live in an area with traffic coverage so I cannot test it but will use it when I travel. Garmin Tech Support is not much help.

Can any of you who have this version Nuvi tell me what power cord/receiver came with the device new. On Garmin's site 'What's In The Box' references a "Lifetime traffic receiver/vehicle power cable"

Complete in the box is listed as:
nüvi 2598LMTHD Preloaded City Navigator® NT for North America
Lifetime maps¹ and HD digital traffic² (indicated by “LMTHD” after model number on the box)
Lifetime traffic receiver/vehicle power cable
Vehicle suction cup mount
USB cable
Quick start manual

Any help appreciated!
Jan Miller


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    The 2508 series have the receiver built into the GPS. The cable is a combined power and antenna cable with no lump.

    You can check this by going into Settings, Device, About .... third line or so down it says Built in traffic receiver ... Yes
  • My new 2598lmthd came from Costco with a TA10 cord. The traffic receiver is built into the unit. The cord is only an antenna with power cable.
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