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UTM coordinate mishap

So we recorded certain UTM coordinates from our gps system for a research project and for some reason, it was northing and westing instead of northing and easting like usual. Now I don't know how to map the coordinates because it is showing up incorrectly in different countries.
Does anyone know how the westing coordinates are converted?


  • privet01 145 Points
    edited October 2015
    There are plenty of converters and formulas for converting cartesian coordinates to geographic lat/long on the web if you just google it.

    Assuming you are using flat maps to come up with the cartesian coordinate, then part of your issue might be the problems of depicting a somewhat oblate spherical shape on a flat map.
  • I always thought UTM only had the Cartesian coordinates X axis easting's (across the bottom) and Y axis (from South "C zone to north 84 degrees "X zone" northings (up the side).

    I have only heard of West (-) of Greenwich and south (+) of the equator referred to in lat and long.

    UTM is only East of latitude 180 degrees and north from a point at the equator north or a point 10,000km south of the equator around 80 degrees. The zone 1 - 60 (6 degrees) & C - X (8 degrees) resolving any duplication.

    My conversion app "Trip Computer Pro" converts lat long to UTM but no mention of westings or southings, just GZD or grid zone designation.

    Give us an example of the errant coordinate and I will try to resolve it for you.

    Kevin H
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