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I'm challenged using Route for Hiking

I have a Montana 650 and I use it exclusively for hiking in the Northwest. I've used the unit a fair amount and when doing my planning for my hikes, I leverage Basecamp mostly because the interface is easier to navigate on my Mac then the tiny screen of the Garmin.

I like to use Routes to "follow" when I am hiking and perhaps I am over using them but below are my two challenges I hope is user error and could be explained.

50 "point" limit: When I create a Route for my hike, I zoom in on the trail and "click" so the Route overlays the trail on my screen. The challenge is there are a bunch of "shaping points" created each time the trail turns. Sometimes my Route will have 120 "points" and after I transfer to the Garmin, via the Route Planner, I view the Route on the Map, and select "GO" I get an error that I have exceed the number of allow points.

Next Waypoint: I love the idea of using the Trip Computer screen to show my next Waypoint and Distance to the Next Waypoint. However the Montana interprets my shaping points as the next waypoint and for each little "movement" in the trail it shows that which makes it mostly useless. For example let's say I am create a route for a trail that has lots of switchbacks. Each switchback would have a shaping point, the mountain peak is my WayPoint, however when following a Route, the Montana will tell me my next waypoint is the switchback turn, and not the Peak. I think this is "just the way it is" but honestly it doesn't really make much sense why you'd want that.



  • sussamb 798 Points
    edited October 2015
    I'm afraid neither is user error. I have a Montana too and generally use direct routing in Basecamp to get around the 50 point limit, which only applies if you are using a routing profile other than Direct. There is no way around the 'Distance to next', it is what it is. I tend not to use that, but instead distance and ETA to the end.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    From what you've said, I assume you are creating routes on non-routable trails? That has always been a problem on every handheld.

    I don't plan routes for hiking personally. But it seems like Garmin's advanced track navigation might be a solution to your complaint. Couldn't you create a track instead of a route, then use the track for navigation?
  • I'll give the Tracks a try but normally I think of those for logging my hike, so ignorance on my part. Yes, I am using non-routable trails and I haven't found a decent "routable" trails map and the Garmin map for the Northwest didn't seem to have hardly any trails compared to the "free" homegrown maps for this area.
  • Boyd 1974 Points

    I'll give the Tracks a try but normally I think of those for logging my hike, so ignorance on my part.

    See if this helps…
  • sussamb 798 Points

    Yes, I am using non-routable trails ....

    If you're using a non routeable map and the direct activity on your Montana you shouldn't be seeing the 50 waypoint limit, your Montana can have up to 250 when using direct routing.

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