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eTrex Vista HC series Owners Manual..Print out..

I am floundering with Interface set-up page..ref. print out Page 38..Heading..To activate USB
mass Storage..etc. Section 2 Press ENTER. At that point all comes to a halt,a push in the right direction would be my present rate of progress I do not see me reaching
an 'operational state' within the forseeable future..Thanks in anticipation.......PJP>


  • You need to download the manual again from
  • Hi Grandpa..Thanks for your time and the info, I do however still have a bit of a problem insofar as the newly downloaded PDF manual is the same as the one already downloaded !! Have I loused up? I know only too well my abilities in such matters!! Regards.PJP
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    PJPotter said:

    Section 2 Press ENTER. At that point all comes to a halt

    Let me make sure I understand this. You have connected the GPS to your computer with a USB cable. You then use the menu on the GPS to activate Mass Storage Mode, but the computer does not show a removable drive as described in the manual?

    If so, my first question would be whether you have a micro SD memory card inseted in your GPS? The card must be formatted as FAT32 in order to work.

    If you don't have a card inserted in the GPS, you cannot enter mass storage mode. On these older Garmin handelds, USB mass storage mode only works for SD cards. There is no user-accessible internal memory (like newer models have). And the memory card is generally only used for the storage of maps.

    Also note that these old models have very slow USB 1.0 interfaces. If your computer has a memory card slot, or if you have an external USB 2.0 or 3.0 memory card reader, it will be much faster to use that instead of connecting the GPS itself to your computer. Mapsource and Basecamp will treat such a card the same as if it were in the GPS itself.

    After transferring data to/from the card, you could then insert it in the GPS.
  • @PeterJP, I totally misunderstood what your problem was. My bad!

    Boyd has better ideas.

    When you look at an Explorer window (assuming you are on a PC), do you see anything relating to your device?
  • Thanks for your return the Explorer test.. The first time I tried as suggested
    I saw an image of my Etrex with all the related data such as serial number....Have tried again and nothing happens !!!
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Is there a memory card in the eTrex?
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