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I have been buying and testing too many GPS navigation apps for my Iphone 4s and now the iPhone 6. Currently on my phone is NAVIGON, IGO MY WAY, WAZE, NLIFE, and TOM TOM. I am trying to figure out which one is the best. I seem to move between all of them because depending where I go, I always find something I dont like. On may have better traffic, better graphics, better POI or POI alerts or in TOM TOM's case CUSTOM POI, etc. I also like LANE ASSIST and seeing real exit signs and arrows telling me where to exit etc.

So, I guess what I am wanting to do on here is start a discussion of the best NAV apps for IOS and WHY? Id love to find one that does everything I like and then save space by removing all the others...

Lets start a discussion .....
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