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Advice for GPS data logger / tracker in car

Hi all,

After searching the internet and being surprised about how little information there is out there, I found this forum.

What I'm looking for is a GPS tracker for in the car to record the routes that I drive (for tax reasons that is).
Basically I only need the GPS data to save and I want to be able to make the routes visible in i.e. Google Maps.
It would be good if data can be stored (on a SD-card) for a week or a month after which I will copy it to a PC to archive.
I hope to find a device that can be powered from the car's on-board power (no battery) and a device that is designed to be built in a car (not laying around on the dashboard).

All other functionality that I have read about like remote engine shutdown, location by SMS, are not necessary.

I have a dashcam that also logs GPS history, but the data format is not readable as clear text.
I also know that I can use an app on my phone, but because I want to log for tax reasons, I don't want to have to manually switch on the GPS logging every time. I want a logging device that powers up automatically when I start the car.

Now my question is if anybody has some suggestions about which device should fit mu needs.

Thanks in advance for any answer,


  • read this{c1126680-af61-11dd-f60b-000000000000}
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    You'll need to cut and paste that link as it is dead after the = sign and simply clicking it will only get you an "unable to process your request" error message on the Garmin site.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
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    Not sure that link really addresses the points in the original post, but if you want to post long links like this, click the link icon on the tool bar. Then just paste the URL into the box that opens. Here's a clickable link generated in this fashion.{c1126680-af61-11dd-f60b-000000000000}
  • Thank you for the link.

    I am already a little bit further. I found this program:
    Coincidentally I have a compatible logger: the photoMate L887 ite

    Together the program and the logger give me the functionality that I need. I can pull the log and save it as NMEA file.
    From the file I can copy parts that I can convert to KML files with GPSVisualizer.
    With the KML file I can show the route I drove in Google Earth.

    The only problem is the logger. This one is battery operated and it has to be switched on every time and it has to be charged now and then.
    I hope to find a logger that I can build in the car, that is operated by the on-board 12V system and that is switched on with the ignition key.
    So if anybody can point me in the direction of such logger (that also works with the same or equal program) I would be very grateful.
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