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TopoActive Western Europe Maps for my Etrex30?

I have had an Etrex30 for a while now, not the 30 X. I have seen that the new 30X comes with the TopoActive Western Europe Maps installed this side of the pond. At the moment I am having to get what ever mapping I need by spending a lot on the Birdseye maps.

So, my question is can I get the TopoActive Western Europe Maps for my 30? and if so what kind of detail do they have compared to the Birdseye maps?

I also have some of the OO maps, but they lack a fair amount of detail compared to the Birdseye jobbies. But what do I want for nothing? My money back ? :-)) :-))


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited December 2015
    That is a good question. Garmin has very little info on their site about that map and nothing comes up if you enter it into a search box there. My guess is that they are not very detailed, but more like an upgraded basemap with low resolution hill shading and routable roads. Some versions of the basemap have had these features for about 10 years already. That is just a guess however. :)

    Google found this, FWIW.

    "TopoActive Western Europe and TopoActive Eastern Europe provide maps which support activity based route calculations (turn-by-turn directions). You cannot buy these maps, they are pre-installed on some models such as the GARMIN eTrex Touch 25/35."
  • Ta for your reply Boyd. I had wondered if the detail was possible at the price shown for unit and map?

    We belong to our village walking groupe and have walked in some quite spectacular parts in the Black mountains to the north and the Corbiers hills to the south and it would be lovely to get some good blanquette coverage of both for less than the cost of a mortgage?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Try the maps here

    I use them for hiking and they are now the best around of the free maps for the UK IMO.
  • Thank you Sussamb for the link, but they are not a lot of good for me because although I am English I live in the south of France near to a place called Carcassonne and the last time I set foot in England was about 9 years ago..

    My ideal would be the whole of France? I know and love the OS maps and they are truly the best in the world. Shame they never got to cover France. IGN are good, but not as good.
  • I have just realised that although this is a GPS forum it doesn't state where anyone is from? So I hadn't realised that nobody knows that I live in France. Sorry for the confusion folks..
  • sussamb 798 Points
    Ah ok ... then my link won't help much. Have you tried the maps from here
  • That GPS version looks very interesting S. As we have such a high speed line here, 1/2 meg /sec upload I am getting it overnight as I trype this. Now for some beauty sleep, I need it believe me (for the beauty that is)!!

    We have a couple of Macs so I will also get the Javawa Mapconverter..

    I'll try and let you know how I get on. Thank you for your help!!
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