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GPS marine for car tracking application


I am working on a "fleet tracking" project. the owner of the cars have a VHF antenna installed and wants to use it to send data.
In order to do that I have two possibilities :
Either use a regular GPS with a USB interface , and so I would need all that work behind (connector, adaptation...)
Or I can use a NMEA 0183 compatible GPS

I have searched through internet and all I could get is models for marine use.
My question is :
- Can I use these marine GPS for car tracking purposes (I have no idea if there is any differences)
- What is the best model to use ?



  • privet01 145 Points
    edited December 2015
    As far as just using a marine GPS for the data you can get through the NEMA and/or SeaTalk interface they'll work fine. If you are only interested in the position data, then you won't even need maps on them. Most have external antennas that come with plenty of cable so you won't have to worry too much where the actual gps receiver is placed.

    If you do need maps on them, I believe most will use the same maps you put on any other gps. But as they are optimized for boating and sailing they may be a pain for a driver to try to use while driving.

    But are you sure you aren't trying to reinvent the wheel? I think there are plenty of gps solutions for fleet vehicles already out there. If nothing else, you could just put a SPOT device in each vehicle and view the positions of them using SPOTS website. VHF radio is going to be limited in range for communications.
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