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Need advice again ...

I am going to get the Garmin® nüvi 2689LMT GPS at Costco Canada for $299.99 . They also advertise a Garmin® nüvi® 2559LMT GPS with Lifetime Maps for more money $329.99. I am curious as to why the 5" is more the the 6" ?????

What am I missing ?



  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited December 2015
    Both models have lifetime maps and traffic, that's what the LMT designation means. According to this comparison, the 2559 has maps of both Europe and North America. That kind of surprises me, I guess Garmin has changed their numbering scheme because the transatlantic models used to have a "7" in the number, such as 2579. See the comparison here:

    That 2559 is a strange beast all around. According to the specs, it has a capacitive multi-touch screen at 480x272 resolution. Have never seen a nuvi with that kind of multi-touch screen on a nuvi before, they have always been 800x480. Have they abandoned the older technology resistive 480x272 screens?

    Anyway, if you want EU maps, that is a pretty good deal for an extra $30. I think the EU maps would cost about $100 if purchased separately, and they would not include lifetime updates either.
  • What is your opinion on the Garmin® nüvi 2689LMT ?
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited December 2015
    No opinion. Sorry, I have never seen one. Just offhand, $300 seems rather expensive. Here in the US, a quick search found a factory refurb 2689LMT for $140USD at GPSCity (refurbs have the same warranty as new). Now I know the Canadian dollar has taken a beating recently, but at the current exchange rate that would still only be $193CDN.

    IIRC in another thread you said you didn't like mail order because of shipping costs if you decide you want to return? Paying $100 more just to use a local store seems like a pretty big premium for a little peace of mind. ;)

    A new 2689LMT from GPSCity is $215USD, and would be $297CDN, so I guess the Costco price is in line with that.
  • Thanks Boyd.....I always appreciate your posts. Yeah, our dollar is taking a beating. I am afraid of purchasing U.S. of A. because of the importing/custom charges... I did it once and even though it was cheaper in the US, by the time I got it, I did not do that much better .

    Your Canadian Friend
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited December 2015
    FWIW, GPSCity has a canadian site as well,

    Please do not take this as an endorsement of, or commercial for them however! ;)
  • Boyd

    I will bookmark this site. I forgot all about this Site. Thanks
  • I went to GPSCITY Canada and put in an order for a re-furbished nüvi® 2797LMT GPS at $259.95. Then I found the same unit at Costco Canada for $258.99 Brand New......I tried to take advantage of their "Price Match" policy but was told that they cannot match it . So cancelled with GPSCITY and purchased at Costco

    I guess the lesson I learned is just like everything else, you have to do your due diligence..
  • t923347 532 Points
    They couldn't match a price difference of 96 cents. :-/ Not sure there well be any difference between a Garmin refurbished 2797 and a new one but losing a sale over 96 cents doesn't sound like a good business decision to me.
  • Yeah, I am not impressed with them at all.
  • MuttsMom 0 Points
    For any Canadians currently shopping for Garmin 2689LMT, it is currently on sale at Costco (on line only) until April 17, with a free case, for $238.99 including shipping. Got mine this week. Great deal!®-nüvi-2689LMT-GPS-with-Case.product.100248309.html
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