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nuvi 665

Will no longer calculate routes with multiple way points. Is the hard drive full from multiple up dates? How do I delete unnecessary stuff from hard drive?.


  • Boyd 1848 Points
    If you connect the Nuvi to your computer you can see how much free space you have on the internal drive. What maps are you using? Does route calculation fail if you only have a couple waypoints? Or does it only happen if there are a lot of wayponts?

    Route calculation problems often occur when you have too many waypoints and there is not enough RAM to do the calculations. RAM is the high speed computer memory used for number crunching, not the slower memory used for map storage. The only fix for that problem is to break the route into several smaller ones.

    But if your internal memory is full, it can create various problems. So check to see how much free space you have for starters.
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