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Using North American Garmin in overseas

Hi All

I'm new to gps world after depending on my phone for many years, finally I have decided to get me one.

I'm planning to buy nuvi 2789 lmt with north America preloaded, since I'm planning to use it in Canada. However currently I'm working and living in Dubai-UAE (Middle east) is it possible to get above device from the States and add to it Middle east maps along with its Traffic functionality ?

The reason I want to buy it from US and use it in Dubai, is that first of all it cheaper in US $ 330 vs $ 500 in Dubai.. secondly middle east devices are pre loaded with obviously free for life middle east maps which I will not require once I m back to Canada.

Additionally, will there be any challenges charging/powering the device if I buy it from the States and use it overseas ?

Appreciate your support


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Sorry, I am not familiar with the geography of the Middle East, but this is Garmin's product. You could purchase it separately and add it to the 2789. They list the UAE but not Dubai in the coverage details.

    I don't know if there is any traffic coverage in the Middle East at all. The standard traffic receivers use data that piggy backs on over-the-air FM radio broadcasts. Some of the high end models have a similar system that uses HD radio. I don't believe any of these are compatible with the system used in the EU, you would need a separate receciver for there. Just don't know about the Middle East though.

    That Nuvi is compatible with Garmin's smartphone link service, so you might be able to get traffic data by pairing it to your phone. Data charges could apply for that however and you may also need to purchase a traffic subscription.

    Features such as junction view are only available with the maps that are pre-loaded on the device. So if you buy a US unit and add Middle East maps, you won't have junction view in Dubai.
  • Thanks Boyd

    Wasn't aware of the LA and JV issue, this makes bit difficult to decide
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Does "LA" mean "Lane Assist"? If so, that should work on any map. Lane assist data is part of the map itself whereas Junction View, 3d buildings and 3d terrain are separate features that require additional files.

    Newer models have something called "Active Lane Guidance" (or something like that). I don't know if this works on supplemental maps. It might, because I think all the data is in the map itself, but I'm not really sure. Personally I hate that feature anyway and wish I could turn it off. The old Lane Assist (little arrows in the top left corner of the screen) is what I prefer.
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