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Nuvi 2539 Map Symbols

Just purchased a NUVi 2539LMT to replace my NUVi 3790. The 2539 is working great EXCEPT the map symbols. The map symbols do work, but on the 2539 the choices are few and they do not show the text, as does with the 3790. On the 3790 I have the map symbols as a medium size dot and the text shows the name of the POI. The 2539 only shows the map symbol and not the name of the POI. To see the name of the POI, you have to touch and hold for a second and then release. The name of the POI shows up on the bottom of screen. The map symbols are so big that it really clutters up the screen and you can't tell which POI is which just by looking at the screen.
I would like to install smaller symbols like the old NUVi standard ones and the name of the POI to show on the screen. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Boyd 1953 Points
    Welcome to Garmin's world. This is something they changed somewhere around 2012. I also had a 3790 which was a 2010 model and now have a 3550 which is a 2012 model, so I know what you mean. Unfortunately I don't know of any way to make it behave like you want. It has been discussed here at some length in the past and "it is what it is". :(
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