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got a newer gps 1490lmt over the 2997lmt

2997LMT go to an address is more automatic than I like. I like the 1490/1450 LMT where all I do is pick a state, put a city, the house number, street, and go. I do not like choosing the state that the gps should think I am going to,

GPS street name means exactly that. turn left at Main st, in 50 feet turn left at main street, not turn left at main street, 50 ft turn left at traffic light.

Just saying I prefer an older GPS over this new one big time. the arrow in the route is a lot larger, etc..

For my needs I need a gps,


  • t923347 414 Points
    So making it easier is somehow not the right way? Or am I confused as I don't see any difference between how you enter an address on the newer Nuvi's and how you did it on the old ones (like the 1490).

    On my 3597, when I select Where To? - Address I get the same screen that I get on all my other Nuvi models, the one that says "Select City or Postal Code in". On that screen I can enter the state (if other than the state I'm in), the City or Postal Code, or search all Cities or Postal codes using Search All. As far as I can remember that is how the address search works on all 5 of the Nuvi's I've had or still use.

    Are you saying that the input is different than that on the 2997?
  • As old school sometimes is better then newer technology

    enjoying my gps despite my other post, learn to forget and it all goes away and works well

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