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A GPS for Motor Caravanning that I can load a computer based map onto.

I have a vague amount of knowledge on the GPS so I will explain what I want and see what is recommended. The primary use of my GPS will firstly to be able to create a map on a computer using the software that relates to whatever Garmin GPS I decide to buy if that is possible and I state, If it is possible because someone gave me a TomTom and I found that it didn't have that facility. I want to use details such as the Post Code or OS grid reference to establish visiting points and I would like a 7 inch GPS screen. I would also be grateful for any advice the forum care to offer on what one could find useful in the information a GPS can offer. Thank you all very much.


  • sussamb 947 Points
    Well Garmins BaseCamp program allows you to plan routes etc and transfer them to a Garmin GPS. I use it all the time to do so.

    As for a 7" GPS there are numerous Garmin ones. You need to decide what else is important to you.
  • BML 181 Points
    Right, now I can see that what I want to do can be done with a Garmin I next need to know which Garmin to go for but as far as a new starter goes the market is just like a sweet shop to me and at the moment I have no datum point to use in my decision making. Is there a list of which GPSs which Garmin offer covering the various facilities they have and if so would someone be so kind as to point me towards it.
  • sussamb 947 Points
    edited January 2016
    I don't believe there is an up to date list that will cover what you need. But there are a limited amount of 7" versions so looking at the specs on the Garmin website isn't too difficult. You might want to start with the Garmin camper range.
  • BML 181 Points
    Please excuse my dithering and let me get back to the basics of my search for information on the GPS market.
    I started to use a Garmin Quest well over ten years ago when I was writing a guide to British camping and caravan sites with a view of the sea but have hardly touched a GPS since apart from a fleeting use of my daughters TomTom.
    I still know practically nothing of the capability of the modern GPS so, in order to give some form to my search for information could someone please point me towards an article which offers such an explanation.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I can't really think of any articles that would help. Garmin has a mini-site for their RV 760 product here though:

    I don't know if you really need the features of the RV series. It is basically the same as any of the current Nuvi models but has a special Points of Interest (POI) database that contains things Garmin thinks you might be interested in. It can also calculate routes based on the size of your vehicle, so you can avoid narrow roads and sharp turns if needed. I don't know how well this actually works.

    Is there a local store that has display model Garmin units? They are really rather simplistic - far more so than your old Quest. You can get a pretty good feel by just playing around with one.

  • BML 181 Points
    Many thanks for all of the information which I intend enjoying as I work my way through it. There is a Halfords near us but with a restricted range on offer so I will ask Garmin if they have any other outlets with a wider range. Yet again, many thanks for the help.
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