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Garmin Etrex 20 vs. 20x


I've had an Etrex 20 for a long time. I love its ruggedness, size, weight and the thumb-stick (great for use with gloves!). I was excited to hear of the 20x, but was disappointed to see that the only real changes seem to be in the internal memory (a non-issue because of micro-SD cards?) and screen resolution (I always thought the screen was just fine?).

Are these the only differences? Is there no difference with the processor or computing power?

My main issue with the Etrex 20 is that when I load on a bunch of maps, trails and geocaches the unit operates quite slowly. Without an upgrade to the processing power I find the Etrex 20x useless to me.

Thoughts? Thanks!


  • sussamb 798 Points
    I have an Etrex 20 and agree that with a lot of data to load it can be slow to do so, but once loaded I see no difference and find it operates fast enough when navigating etc. Are you therefore just talking about the time to load or do you have another issue?

    Either way having looked at the x series I see no need to update!
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