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Which GPS will lead me to a location I enter?

I have a phantom 3 quadcopter. If it goes down unexpectedly it will send me its gps coordinates until the battery runs out. Is there a handheld gps that I can enter those coordinates into and the gps will generate a map that shows me where I am and where the drone is so I can recover my drone?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Almost any GPS will do that. There are also plenty of iOS and Android apps as well. What is your budget? A smartphone app will be the least expensive approach.
  • Thanks Boyd. I will be using an apple ipad to monitor the drone in flight. Can you recommend an app for the ipad that would work for this application? I suppose my budget will be what it has to be but I would prefer to keep it low as I may never need to use the gps. The drone is about $2000 so I will invest what I have to in order to be able to find the drone if it goes down. I do most of my flying in the bush in British Columbia.
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited January 2016
    Does your iPad work on the cellular network or is it wifi only? The cellular iPads have an internal GPS chip but the wifi versions do not. However you can easily add a bluetooth GPS, such as the Garmin GLO. Not sure about Canadian prices because your dollar has dropped a lot recently, but in the US it's available for about $100, or even less if you can get a factory refurb unit. A quick look at found a new GLO for $130 CDN.

    I did some extensive testing of the GLO recently, see:

    I also did a review of the GLO a few years ago at

    You might find that Apple Maps or Google Maps is the only software you need. You should be able to enter the coordinates into a search in these apps. There are a huge number of GPS apps for iOS, many of them are free or have free trial versions.

    Here's Garmin's GLO product page:

    Bad Elf also makes several devices including one that plugs directly into an iPad/iPhone in additioin to bluetooth models:

    There's also a company called Dual with several compatible devices:

  • Thank you so much Boyd. No doubt you have given me all of the information I need to get this issue solved. My iPad is wifi only but I will research the Bluetooth GPS and get what I need to make it work in the bush. Thanks again Boyd.
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