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Magellan SmartGPS RM5295T-LMB antenna problem

Hi guys,
This is my first post. I have been using Magellan GPS since 2003. I owned about 13 or 15 units during all these years. Here is my problem with the SmartGPS. In the last 4 years, I have been the same problem with this unit because of the battery problem. In their website, it is stated that the battery lasts 90 minutes, but this is not true. After a full charge, as soon as I unplug it, it dies after 10 minutes. I had the same problem with 5 SmartGPS units. Since my 4th one, I was still having the same problem, with another serious problem. Cannot acquire satellite signal. No matter what I did, no way to get the signal. It just loops "Acquiring satellite signal" I did too many resets, nothing worked. So right now, I'm stuck with a fifth SmartGPS unit with the two problems. As for the battery, I don't mind it because I always plug it in to the car charger, but the serious problem is the signal. No I can't return it because it is out of warranty. Is there a way to fix this problem?
PS: Last time I talked to their CS, they told me since I am a loyal customer, I am entitled to a unit of my choice with 30% off, but I have to send them the non-working unit back. 30%!! I can have one with 40%!! Right now the unit is disassembled and trying to fix it. Stay away from SmartGPS model.
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