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Looking for a specific unit Please Read!!

Hi all,
I work for a county in Iowa and we are embarking on a project to inventory our culverts. In doing so I want to gps these locations. I will be using a Polaris Ranger with a cab and a MS Surface Pro tablet most likely. I am looking for a weatherproof gps unit that could mount on the roof of the Ranger, powered by USB or 12 volt. However I need the unit to connect with the tablet via blue tooth since the Surface needs to stay mobile so we can get out and take pictures with the Surface for inventory purposes.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I know there is a Garmin GLO but that is not weatherproof and not meant to be mounted on the roof.
Perhaps a work around of a roof mounted gps with some kind of blue tooth adapter??
Any help would be appreciated.


  • Tim 1497 Points
    Why the external/roof requirement. What about just leaving something like the GLO on the dash, inside the vehicle?
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    That was exactly what I thought when I read this. ;)
  • privet01 230 Points
    Another important piece of information will be whether the coordinates of the culvert need to be determined or just driving directions of how to get to them. If the actual coordinates are needed, then is 30 feet of accuracy good enough or is more accuracy needed?
  • Thanks for the replys. I could velcro something to the dash if that gets me good enough signal. I would like accuracy to be better but if it means going to something complicated and expensive I can live with 30 feet. The coordinates will go into a GIS map for our county if that makes a difference. My main goal is to get something that is connected via bluetooth so I can go mobile with the Surface.
    I guess I just thought the roof mounted unit would be the most accurate.
    Are there better alternatives?
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