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Better instructions

TMIKE 10 Points
edited February 2016 in Magellan Handheld Forum
Hi I am new to hand GPS and I bought a refurbished Magellan Explorist 110 to get started and find the instructions are lacking for someone with no experience. Can anyone give a link to a instructional video on this thing. Maybe I'm in too much of a hurry but I had it out hunting one time and got frustrated with it quick. Sure glad I wasn't in a situation where my life depended on it. I want it for when I'm in unfamiliar woods or water of big lakes. Thanks Mike


  • Boyd 2043 Points
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  • Try to read user manual first. You can download it from official Magellan web-site,18,24,374
  • t923347 533 Points
    There is a 10 plus minute review at
  • alanb 557 Points
    Good advice here, but my guess is that TMIKE gave up waiting for a reply several months ago :)
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    People often find threads like this when they search on Google for help with a problem. So, while the point is well taken, I think it's great when people follow up on old threads - especially threads where nobody has suggested a solution. :)

  • Ok. Some more info about eXplorist 110:
    1) you can install the firmware from eXplorist 310 model. This can give you all features of 310, but remember that 110 have slow CPU (200Mhz instead of 400MHz)
    2) you can use raster maps (i.e. scanned paper topo maps or satellite imagery). Moreover, you can create your own custom maps. Read about MOBAC ( and SASPlanet ( With this software you will be able to download several web on-line maps (Google maos, OSM, Yandex, HERE, etc.) and convert it into Magellan raster map RMP format
    3) you can also get some good vector topo maps from project for small fee.
    4) you can use GSAK software for downloading and uploading Geocashing info from to(from) your GPS
    5) you can give electricity power to your eXp 310 using USB cable and powerbanc or USB car adapter, but eXp 110 can not charge a batteries inside itself. And this device will be not waterproof if it's mini-USB socket is open, i.e if there is a cable in it..
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