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Coban 306A OBD device is not sending fuel data?

Hi guys,
We are having three Coban 306a OBD device. We’ve plugged the device in three cars. The cars are toyoto corolla, volkwagen passat and isuzu MU7. All cars support OBD2.
Below the OBD and tracker data we are receiving from the car.


Here see the fuel data is not there. We’ve chatted with coban support via skype. The OBD is not supporting the fuel, so the OBD is not sending fuel. I dont think all cars is not supporting the fuel. Fuel is our main concern and very important one. we are set the parameter to device as per the document they gave.What is the problem? Could pls help me out of this problem?


  • privet01 195 Points
    I have not looked at OBDII for sometime, but ten years ago, it was still a fairly loose standard. There are only a few codes that mean the same to all cars, but much of the rest is left up to the manufacturer and sometimes even their codes and data very from model to model.

    Manufacturers have no motivation to share the information and some consider it somewhat proprietary. So aftermarket developers have to spend a lot of time to figure out what the codes and data mean for each different vehicle.

    So it might be that the makers of the Coban device have not determined what codes/data represent the fuel information you are wanting, or the vehicles simply do not use that data or do not make it available to the ODBII.
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