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identify the protocol?

scud123 30 Points
edited March 2016 in GPS Recommendations
Hi guys,
I'm using OBD device. We are receiving data stream from it, but cant identify all the data. Below is the following three streams we are receiving. Is below three stream contain fuel?
*HQ,1500061619,LINK,124152,25,10,96,0,0,030316,FFFFFBFF# *HQ,1500061619,V1,125159,A,1258.8117,N,08015.7447,E,005.9,182.71,030316,FFFFFFFF# *HQ,1500061619,NBR,125717,000,00,00,1,0,0,00,030316,FFFFFFFF#
First of all what protocol it is?
in first stream what is LINK,25,10,96,0,0,FFFFFBFF?
in second stream what is V1,005.9 and FFFFFFFF?
in third stream what is NBR,000,00,00,1,0,00,?
Got the OBD from carscop.
Device is CCTR-830


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    edited March 2016
    I hope you get a response, but really I think you're on the wrong website. Most of the discussion here centers around consumer issues with Garmin dedicated automotive and outdoor devices (like the Nuvi, Oregon, eTrex, etc).
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