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Montana 680T ?

Thinking about upgrading from my Oregon 550 to the Montana 680t. What i like about the Montana is the bigger screen, as for my eyes require reading glasses now,lol . Is it worth the money ? Any Montana owners here that could give me your opinions on it, Thanks.
I will mainly use the Montana, like my Oregon, for hunting.


  • Boyd 1974 Points
    edited March 2016
    My first question is why do you need the "T" model? It costs more and is pre-loaded with Garmin's 100k topo map. These maps are not very detailed or accurate, but they do cover the entire US. Many people (like me) feel these maps are not worth the extra cost. Unless you specifically want this map, you can save about $100 by getting the Montana 610.

    I have an Montana 600 and previously had an Oregon 400T. The Montana is great and a very nice upgrade from the older Oregon devices. Now you can find factory refurbished Montana 600's for about $350 at gpscity and probably other vendors as well. The refurbs are a lot of bang for the buck, they are like new and have the same 12 month warranty as new.

    The Montana 610 has more modern chips that receive additional satellites. This may help in difficult areas like canyons, and might also provide a little more accuracy in general, but all the reports I read about this are very subjective. The only other differences are minor changes to the user interface, and apparently the screen is different in some way (although still using the same resistive technology).

    So I guess it depends on how much you value a buck. ;) The 680T costs about $600 vs $500 for the Montana 610… or $350 for the refurb Montana 600.
  • Solocam1 30 Points
    I like the 680 because it has a camera, my Oregon 550 has a camera and i like it,i guess i really dont need the "T" model, i really didnt know much about the maps.
  • Solocam1 30 Points
  • truckinguy 115 Points
    I will tell you that as an owner of a Montana 600 and 610 the 610 with glonass is more accurate under most conditions. Especially if your carrying it or in trees,cities,etc. Data from the unit is better too on the same lines. I've got many tracks over the years and have compared them with the 610's on the same hikes and trails. It over all does better and I'm glad I have it. Now the 600 series non glonass does a nice job.. I enjoyed it very much...just not as good over all. I'm anal about tracks and accurate data from them after I download and save them for future referrals and re use.
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