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Which GPS Unit to buy

Hello all - I need help and opinions in choosing a new GPS unit for use in a car.
I have some experience with Apple and Google maps on my cell phone as well as a very old MIO GPS (with sadly lapsed maps).
Most modern GPS units fulfill most of my needs which are not really special in any way except:

I DON'T WANT TO NAVIGATE USING STREET NAMES! Frequently the name is not visible or missing, or may change - most annoyingly, in Europe the way that both Apple and Google maps try to pronounce foreign street names is frankly ridiculous and most confusing, (even here in CA with Spanish names it's bad). I invite everyone to try to find a street name in the French or Spanish countryside outside of a town. My old MIO unit would simply say things like "take next left" or "slight right in 400m" - no problem in any foreign land.
I also want to be told when I've gone wrong, the unit should automatically recalculate but let me know that it's doing so.

Does anyone know if there is a unit that will fulfill these requirements as standard or as options?
Thanks for the help.
Alan Spinks


  • alanb 556 Points
    edited April 2016
    AFAIK, all of the Garmin units use street names in their navigation prompts. That said, you may like some of the newer Garmins that have the "Real Directions" feature. This feature gives prompts like "Turn right at the stop light" or "Turn left at the end of the street". In some areas it will even use business names such as "Turn right past Wells Fargo bank". See this Garmin FAQ about devices with the Real Directions feature:
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Is it possible to use a voice that doesn't do text to speech on newer Nuvis? On the older models if you chose one of those voices it would say "Turn Left in 500 feet", like the OP wants. I have no idea, all of my GPS units are permanently on mute. ;)
  • alanb 556 Points
    Good point Boyd. I had forgotten about the non TTS voices as I never use them. They are still available and definitely do not give street names in prompts. I just tried it on my 3597, and all it says is "turn right" and "turn left". The distance is not given in the prompt but is displayed on the screen. I can't say I care for this type of prompting, but "to each his own" as they say. Note that the non TTS voice also turns off the "Real Directions" feature I described in my post above.
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