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I think I've got all the info I for a GPS!

SCTraveler 0 Points
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OK, I think I've got most of my prerequisites.

This will primarily be for work. The business requires providing up to about 10 estimates per day. I would like a unit that will:

1. Allow multiple entries (waypoints?) for individual estimates.
2. Allow traveling from entry to entry, not forcing me to use a specific route. (ie. The entries typically have me traversing the same path, and I want to basically finish one estimate, and point or click the next address and get the best route to that one, and so on.)
3. If possible, I would like to maintain a list of these entries and as they are accepted for the job, be able to reload that entry whether the job is the next day or 6 weeks later.
4. Traffic is a non-issue. Not available near me (charleston, SC)
5. Bluetooth, with best quality available.
6. Good in the sunlight for viewing
7. mp3 and photos are of no interest.
8. Ease of use when uploading via pc.
9. Any other features that I may be neglecting which would be pertinent to a delivery person, estimator, salesperson, etc. You get the idea.

Thanks in advance!


  • Tim 1482 Points
    I'm a little confused by your number 2. You say you don't want it to force you to use a specific route but then you say you want it to show you the best route to the next point. Could you elaborate?
  • maybe my lingo isn't quite in concert with my thinking, hehe.

    What was meant by that was let's say I have 10 places to visit in one given day: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J.
    I don't want the unit to plan the best route from A to J with the others planned out in between.
    I want to be able to start at say, point E from the office. With all 10 points loaded in, I want to be able to press "E" and get the best route. Then after I'm finished at E, I want to press "B" and get the best route from E to B. Then when finished at B, I want to press "J", etc....
    Hopefully I'm making sense. :lol:

    Would the nuvi 360 do this + my previous post requirements? Moreso over the magellan 6000T? Or would another unit be more appropriate?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    Okay, got it. So you want to be able to load your destinations in advance, but you don't want the GPS to determine the most efficient order to visit them... i.e. you have your own order you need to visit them in.

    Both of the devices you mentioned would fit those requirements. Of those, the Nuvi 360 probably has a higher overall satisfaction rating than the 6000T based on feedback I get from users here in the forums, on the posts, and via email. The Nuvi is also much smaller, yet has the same screen size.

    The only other device you might consider is the TomTom 510. I mention that device because it has a neat feature called "Itineraries" where you can load your 10 destinations ahead of time, but specify the order you want to view them. This all gets rolled up into one route (itinerary) with multiple destinations. Once you finish with the first destination it will route you to the next destination.

    This could provide you with more details about your entire day (full map with all of the destinations) than the Nuvi would where it will only handle one segment at a time. However the TomTom 510 is not as portable as the Nuvi is. You can compare the features on those three devices here.

    Also make sure that your phone is compatible. While each of those devices offers hands free Bluetooth, not all support all phones. Here is a link to the bluetooth GPS compatibility lists from each manufacturer.
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