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Expert advice needed in accuracy of GPS systems in mobile phones

Hi Guys. I was wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction. We are currently trying to build a service around a technology that requires a mobile phone to function indoors and outdoors with a lot of accuracy. Would anybody know of someone who is an expert in the field of mobile phone GPS and other assisted GPS functions like NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth?


  • Tim 1470 Points
    Today, if you need indoor accuracy you will need to augment the building with Bluetooth beacons, or similar. GPS and WiFi won't give you much accuracy indoors. I'd post the question in this group and see if anyone can help.
  • privet01 195 Points
    It's just not going to happen indoors with gps. It's not all that accurate outdoors unless 30 feet is good enough. IMO.

    Maybe if we lived in paper buildings or something that doesn't attenuate the cell and particularly the satellite signals. Otherwise you are left to adding your own transmitters throughout the building to allow you to do your own triangulation. Again IMO.

    The little bugs we see on NCIS and other spy shows that allow them to track bad people anywhere they go even tell them whether they are on the roof or in the basement are just not real world..

  • Boyd 1955 Points
    I don't think he expects GPS satellites to work inside a building. That is why he mentioned NFC, wifi and bluetooth. ;)

  • privet01 195 Points
    Yeah, that was my bad. I usually try to read the OP's question again right before I hit post comment. However other things were rushing me and I didn't. But while the screen was refreshing I read it again and realized I'd missed the part that suggested as you state. Oh well, I left the post as it's my punishment and I'll take the hits for it.

    IIt's my very real ADD problem that's getting worse in some respects as I get older. All that talk about the "golden years" is just a bunch of hooey to me. <<grin>>
  • R_Fourie 0 Points
    Thank guys for all your comments, really appreciate it. You don't by chance know anybody that is an expert in this field who might be able to assist? In particular someone with mobile phone GPS experience.
  • Tim 1470 Points
    GPS (using the Global Positioning System and its associated satellites) isn't the right technology for precision indoor location. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'd ask over in this group as they deal with the commercial side and other adjunct technologies to GPS.
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