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Editing KML file and removing the Place markers (Balloons)

Hi there everyone

I recorded my bushwalk the other day and now would like to upload it to my website.
I used a gpsmap 64

Only problem is that it has thousands of Place-markers (balloons) which I only want one for the start and then another on at the finishing point.

Can I edit these out of the file, excel spreed sheet or a program I can down load

Thanks in advance for your help


  • sussamb 786 Points
    If you load it into BaseCamp and convert it to a track, if necessary, I suspect that will achieve what you want.

    As it's probably a track in the first place I don't believe you'll see any 'balloons' when you view it in BaseCamp.
  • you are right
    Looks like i was trying to do the things the hard way
    Thanks, I'll have a play with the settings over the next couple of days
  • I tried using Basecamp, but i couldn't find where i could remover the balloons or placemarkers. however, they don't show up on basecamp but when i upload the kml file onto my website, I get thousands of Placemarkers or balloons.

    for what i understand is, I need to remove the code from the file. but is there an easy way of doing this?

    My goal, I have tracked my bush walk with my handheld GPS, now I want to load it onto my blog

  • sussamb 786 Points
    Have you tried right clicking the route and selecting Convert to track? Normally a track in BaseCamp is a simple line.
  • sussamb 786 Points
    Should have added that you seem to be using the original kml file on your website. You should find if you use the file from BaseCamp that you don't get a mass of balloons etc.
  • Im replying via my table so i havent tried on the laptop as yet, tomorrow i will.

    I have imported the files into basecamp using my gps, then i exported the kml file so i can upload it onto my website, and thenthats when i see the "balloons" onthewebsite, i havent seen then in the basecamp programme.

    Ill try what yousaid and i hope that maybe a funtion that edites out the placemarkers.

    I did it withsuccess months ago, but that was exported from a program on my androld phone, and all i did was go into the text editerprogram and remove the "placemarkers" but this time the file formate is very differant.
  • Update
    Unfortunately I haven't as yet worked out a way to remove the "Balloons" very frustrating as I would have thought its a common process.

    I haven't fund any options in Basecamp but maybe I need to look at Google maps, to edit then export so I camn up load to my website

    But I haven't given up as yet and still working on my little challenge

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