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I have Nokia X2 dual sim. This smartphone has powerfull GPS novigation, i can find my location in airplane in the sky. Is it harm? Could the gps radiation have danger in the airline?


  • privet01 231 Points
    I assume by radiation danger you are talking about RF interference from the phone with aircraft instruments.

    Being that you are talking about in an airplane, then that is a question that no one with any common sense would want to give you a "it is okay" with respect to possible litigation they would make themselves liable for.

    If you are talking about for your own personal use in your own airplane, then the best place for you to get an answer on that is from the phone manufacturer. If they are not willing to discuss it, then there's your answer. NO.

    And in your own aircraft, although you might not notice any interference with instruments and navigation, have you tested every conceivable situation. Likely not. Are you willing to put your life and possibly your family and others life in danger?

    The FAA, other regulating authorities and most airlines have relaxed their rules on cell phone and other electronic devices over the years. Generally they alert you when you can use and when you should turn them off. I'd recommend you heed them.

  • Boyd 2043 Points
    edited April 2016
    You can set your phone for "airplane mode" (assuming it has such a setting, not familiar with your device). That mode should disable all radio transmitters, but it should not disable the internal GPS which only receives signals and does not broadcast anything.

    You may find that it has a hard time acquiring the GPS satellites inside a plane though. I have not tried this with a phone, but have used a couple of my Nuvi's in airplanes and they only worked when I was in a window seat.

    During landing and takeoff they may instruct you to turn off all electronic devices, so obviously you should comply with that. IIRC, some airlines have stopped doing this.
  • privet01 231 Points
    While I agree with your comments the caveat is that airplane mode itself does not guarantee no RF interference. Because of the speed at which cpu's oscillate they now put out RF in a frequency range that can be problematic . Of course they have shielding built into them, but it does not eliminate it as a certain amount is considered acceptable for normal use. But normal use does not include while on an airplane making an instrument approach in bad weather.

    Which as you stated, is why most airline flight crews instruct you to turn off cell phones and other electronic devices for takeoff and landing.
  • zarei 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply
    I asked about radiation effect on my body, when i am in airline and my phone is on airplane mode, but GPS shows tracking. In this time battery drains quickly with hot temp. Is this waves enough powerful and maybe dangerous?
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    If this kind of thing worries you, it would be best to get rid of your cell phone altogether. If there is any harmful radiation from the device, then I would be much more concerned with what happens when it is held directly to my ear and also transmitting radio signals.
  • privet01 231 Points
    edited April 2016
    Agreed, the only potential danger in that respect (and that's a big maybe) is when the cell phone transmits a signal. Such as when you are talking or sending text or uploading data. If you worry about that then the best bet is to use a headset or earbud with a throat microphone. You only have to get the phone a few inches away from your head to exponentially reduce the power of the radio waves coming from the transmitter.

    Despite internet claims otherwise, the data is not conclusive IMO as to whether it's a health hazard. Phones nowadays regulate their transmission power better than some of the early cell phones that caused all the scares that are still talked about on the internet. IMO, unless you talk on the phone all day with it up to your head, then you likely don't have a worry.

    As for gps on the phone, it's reception only. No transmission involved. Though if your app is downloading maps as you go along then there will be minimal transmissions for data handling.
  • privet01 231 Points
    As for the battery draining quickly and getting hot.............. I guess someone with some gps software experience will need to pipe up and tell us if the gps calc's are cpu intensive enough to be causing the fast battery drain or is something else up. That might also be a good question for the phone manufacturer.
  • zarei 0 Points
    does anyone have idea?
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