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Car Traffic Adapter Broke Again

I didn't bend it but it seems to have a short year or so lifespan. Rather than spend another $25 to replace it, I was ready to now give Garmin a shot. Before switching, will my TT USB cable (used for updates with my PC) work in a car's USB port (which I will be getting this month) as the cigarette adapter has all this time? If so, I will keep my TT XXL540TM for a while longer. Thank you.


  • alanb 557 Points
    edited May 2016
    Don't know if it will work with your TT, but I wouldn't count on a car USB port working with modern Garmin devices, and it definitely won't work with a Garmin if you want traffic receiver service. On a Garmin, the power adapter has the antenna for the traffic receiver built into the power cable, and on many models the power adapter contains the receiver itself. The other problem is that some USB power sources will cause a Garmin to go into data mode rather than navigation mode or will give an "Incompatible charger" error.
  • luckybirman 91 Points
    Sorry, I meant will the TT GPS work on the USB power as it had with the cigarette light adapter? I realize that it may have seemed that I was asking if I could get traffic through the USB wire. Just want to know if the battery will not be used if the USB is attached in the car. Thank you AlanB
  • dhn 336 Points
    The battery still requires being charged, whether by a regular usb cable or a combined rds-tmc antenna.

    A usb outlet in a car provides very low power output (no more than .5 A) and sometimes proves problematic.
  • luckybirman 91 Points
    If the GPS were not charged much but works through the cigarette lighter in the car, would it also work though the car's USB port? I am trying to see if I need another cord or decide to get a more updated GPS. I am not looking for traffic anymore or I would get ANOTHER replacement cord. Thank you. I do not have a USB in either current car to test it at this time but am planning to get one late this month.
  • alanb 557 Points
    One way you could determine this with your current car is to get one of the cheap cig. lighter USB adapters. I use one in my car all the time to power my Garmin. I think I paid something like $3 for it on eBay. I has 2 ports, one 1.0A and one 2.1A. My Garmin 3597 works fine in the 1.0A port, but gives an error if I use the 2.1A port. Go figure. I suspect the only way to know for sure is to try it. Maybe your could take your TT and USB cable to the dealer for the car you are intending to buy and give it a try.
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