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help with choosing a multiple location portable gps

miamistu 0 Points
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I was at Sharper Image talking with a sales person about the Magellan Prestige 6000T and the TomTom 510. I came home and started to do some research and am overwhelmed with the choices and technical stuff.

Basically, I do a lot of driving for work and I need a portable GPS system that allows me to enter multiple locations and plan a route. If it does traffic updates and reroutes that would be great.

I am not tech savvy... in fact, my daughter is typing this post for me. If there are too many functions on the machine and the type on the screen requires binnoculars, I will just get aggravated and want to throw it out the window.

Is there a good GPS system that allows me to enter multiple locations and give traffic updates? I don't need to play an iPod. I don't need to look at photos of my grandkids while I am driving. Bluetooth is alright but I already have a StarTrek earset.

I was reading about the Garmin, TomTom and I can't even remember the others ones on CNET.

Thank you for any help.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    There are a few considerations to look at. The first would be what exactly you mean/need by "multiple locations and plan a route". For example most of the Garmin devices (Magellan and TomTom too) allow you to enter "favorites". You could then navigate to each of your destinations one at a time.

    TomTom and Magellan expand on that a little bit by offering to create one route that encompasses more than one "via" or destination into one route.

    Magellan takes this even further and will allow you to enter a few destinations and then the device itself will figure out the most efficient order to visit each of them.

    If having traffic is a consideration then you would probably want to consider the Magellan 6000T over the TomTom 510 assuming you are in the USA.

    However.... another consideration is that you mention the tiny type and screen size. The TomTom 510 has a larger screen than the 6000T.

    Hopefully this helps a bit and will give you something to think about. With anything else it might be helpful to prioritize the features you are looking for.... large screen, traffic, multi destination routing, etc.
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