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GPS won't follow uploaded cutom routes from Basecamp

I use a Nuvi 2597 on a motorcycle. I use Basecamp to create "out of the way" routes for mostly day trips. I put in the home address as starting and the detestation address as the.... well destination. I use the route option creating many shaping points. I then review the route point by point to make sure I don't have any of those little "pipe stems" if I do use the move point tool to the wanted road.

I upload to the GPS. When I activate the trip from the "Apps" menu it asks for which is the next point showing ONLY the home address or the destination. When I chose the Home address from the destination, it stared the route for about 20 min then took me to the major highway, completely bypassing the rest of the route..

On another route.... MOST of the route was followed, yet it announced I was at my destination. The problem was I was 3 or 4 shaping points (2 or 33 miles) and the destination short.


1. When I review the route in Basecamp most shaping points say (No alert) If I change this to (Alert) would that become a waypoint?

2. Is there something I should be doing differently in creating/activating the route.

3. I find that Basecamp is fairly simple to use and like the flexibility of creating these out of the way FUN routes from my desk and upload them to the GPS. Any hints tips or tricks you can share.


  • sussamb 829 Points
    edited June 2016
    1. Yes
    2. Not that I can think of. But you should use the same map on both the device and in BaseCamp and ensure the routing and avoidance settings are the same or as close as possible. I've not experienced the behaviour you describe and I've been using BC for many years now.
    3. You seem to have it covered :). Note when you use a trip and hit Go, you will only be offered the choice of waypoints or viapoints, shaping points aren't shown as a choice, so what you describe is normal.
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