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wanting to get gps that my blind father can use, help please

help, wanting to get gps for my blind father,needs to be voice navigation, I've heard of dropping landmarks, not sure if you can do that on regular gps or need a smart phone(which of course he doesnt own) or something like that to go along with gps or hopefully theres one out there that he can use around the property, to where we can landmark, house, sheds, greenhouse etc, so he doesnt get lost again in the woods. most of the day hes home by himself (being blind & alone is scary enough) my stepmom works & I'm 600 miles away, im a computer idiot took me 1/2hr to write this, I dont even own a smart phone, just a pay as you go no text,no internet, so any help would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED, thank you


  • Boyd 1953 Points
    I see that you have also posted to the other thread that discusses accuracy issues. I don't think GPS will do what you want. I did some testing of the Garmin GLO bluetooth receiver recently.

    I got 3 meter (10 foot) accuracy 89% of the time and 2 meter (6 foot) accuracy 73% of the time. I don't think that's good enough - nine times out of 10 you could get within 10 feet, but on the tenth time you might be 30 feet wrong. The GLO is a small bluetooth device that communicates wirelessly with a smartphone or a computer. It does not include any software, you must use it with an appropriate app on your phone. No idea what that would be for a visually impaired person.

    Anyway, I think you are probably looking in the wrong place. There may be other kinds devices that use different technologies to provide better accuracy - such as placing some kind of "beacon" in the shed, greenhouse, etc. There are some systems for indoor navigation - such as finding products inside a store - that might work for you. Unfortunately I am not familiar with any specific systems.
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