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etrex 20 not opening

i my etrex20 is not opening...n also its not conneting to my pc(its say's usb not recognised)...what should i do...


  • sussamb 759 Points
    You mean its not switching on? Are there charged batteries in the device? If there are I suspect its broken and you'll need to contact Product Support for help.
  • rajendra 0 Points
    yes ..i mean its not switching ON ... n yess it has fully charge batteries...n its not broken..
    may be its a software problem...
  • sussamb 759 Points
    If its not switching on its more likely a hardware issue :)
  • rajendra 0 Points
    actually it my uncles device..he told me some update problm occured...may he unplugged it in b/w updation..idw..
    i thought i can get solution for that
  • sussamb 759 Points
    Well perhaps speak to your uncle and get the full story, then someone may be able but otherwise we're making wild guesses.
  • privet01 145 Points
    It will be better if you can manipulate and see what exactly is happening on the etrex when it's being powered on. Does the screen give any indication that the power button was pushed? A change in tint? Any words, graphics or such?

    How about when plugged into a computer or charger? Anything happen on the screen then?
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