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Want a GPS that has elevation

I have an old Garmin 2610 streetpilot that will give elevation. The unit is over 10 years old and maps are no longer available so I want to upgrade. I really like the elevation feature in addition to the driving guidance, but I can't seem to find a newer unit that has that has both. Any suggestions?


  • t923347 408 Points
    Any of the Garmin Nuvi, or the newer Drive models, will display elevation. It's not displayed by default but is available by going into the settings of the various options and selecting it for display. There seems to be some debate about the accuracy of the elevation reading on these automotive GPS models but I've always found them to accurate enough for my purposes (usually within a few feet of posted elevation signage.)
  • stev32k 1 Point
    I thought all the Nuvi models would have elevation also, but I just bought a Nuvi model 57LM and there is no elevation read out. I went though every setting and maybe I missed something but could not find an elevation setting. I want to take it back and exchange it or one that does.
  • t923347 408 Points
    edited June 2016
    Try this - On the map screen, after the Nuvi has obtained a satellite lock, tap the 3 bar icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the screen that should appear over the map, select Trip Data. 3 default display fields should appear on the right hand side of the map screen. Tap any of the 3 items listed and scroll down the list that will appear until you see Elevation. Tap the + sign beside Elevation and that will replace the default item you originally tapped. Now just keep the Trip Data display on the map screen and Elevation will always be available to you.

    The above works when you don't have a destination entered into the Nuvi. If you have a destination entered the process is the same as above but you'll have to select Elevation from a much more detailed listing under the Trip Data selection.

    Once you've selected Elevation under both the "no destination" trip data menu and the "destination entered" trip data menu it will be visible on the map screen for all situations as long as you have Trip Data selected to display.

    AFAIK any of the newer Nuvi/Drive models you can purchase will display the Elevation setting the same way as I've described above.

    There is one other way to display the Elevation read out at all times. On the map screen, tap the Direction Icon to the left of the 3 bar icon on the lower right corner of the map screen. Tap the + sign next to the Elevation selection in the list that will appear. This will replace the Direction readout on the map screen with the Elevation readout and it will be visible on the map screen at all times.
  • Boyd 1848 Points
    You might find this thread interesting.

    Don't expect too much accuracy with the elevation readout - the following is from a Garmin Support FAQ:

    The earth blocks out satellites needed to get a good quality vertical measurement. Once the vertical datum is taken into account, the accuracy permitted by geometry considerations remains less than that of horizontal positions. It is not uncommon for satellite heights to be off from map elevations by +/- 400 ft. Use these values with caution when navigating.
  • stev32k 1 Point
    OK, thanks. I found it following your instructions, but it sure was hidden well. Guess there are a lot of parameters available that are not mentioned in the instruction manual.
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