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How to boot directly GPS application when powering PDA devices?

I need help..
I own Xdrive device 43J.
I'd like to make him automatically boot the existing GPS application (in this case IGO) at start.
I understand that I need to access the WIN CE 5 and then edit the startup folder to make shutcut or to make changes in the registry to force him to boot directly, but how?
Is there any suggestions for a suggestion, link?
Currently my device at boot showing me next images:




  • Boyd 1960 Points
    edited June 2016
    Sorry, I'm not familiar with your device but have spent some time playing with several other Windows CE based devices in the past. There is typically a special filename that can be used to automatically execute a program at startup on these devices. The file must be located at the root directory of an SD card for this to work. This makes it easy to run alternative software without changing anything on the unit's internal memory. I remember this file was called tocopy.exe on my Magellan Triton for example.

    There is a free software package for WIndows CE called MioPocket that should be helpful, if you can still find it. Have not looked at this for many years, and I suspect the author stopped working on it some time ago. But hopefully you can still find a copy. IIRC, the docs included the special filename to use on different devices so they would boot into the software.

    Do a Google search for miopocket and you will get a bunch of hits. It was discussed regularly over at GPSPassion "back in the day". :)
  • easydoor 0 Points
    Thanks for replay..
    I will try and then report, if I need more help!
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    The place to discuss these Windows CE devices has always been the GPSPassion AIO forum in the past. Not much activity there now, but you may find some helpful information in old threads there

    Funny… I doubt that anyone knows what an "AIO" is today. It was an acronym for "All In One" - a device that could run other software in addition to navigation programs. Today we would just call this a "phone". :))
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